What can I do today to get ready for school?

  • Check your email for a message from your classroom teacher.  This email has your first Zoom link.
  • Create a space in your home for you to work.. Find a pencil/pen, paper, crayons, a napkin, and some water. Make sure you have a flat space to write on like a clipboard or a table.
  • Check to make sure Zoom is downloaded on your device.
  • Set out your clothing tonight so you are ready to get dressed.
  • Go to sleep early tonight so you wake up ready.

What do I do tomorrow?

  • Wake up and eat breakfast.
  • Get fully dressed, ready to learn.
  • At 8:45 click on the Zoom link that your teacher gave you.
  • Follow the directions of your teacher.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out who my child’s teacher is?

All letters were emailed using the email addresses you provided during registration on your Aeries Parent Portal

What should I do if I did not get an email from my child’s teacher or school? 

Aeries does not have an accurate email address for you or you haven’t created your Aeries Parent Portal.. Please call the school for help 310-842-4334.

How do I set up my Aeries Parent Portal? 

You should have received an email and/or physical letter on Monday with your childs ID number and phone number attached to the account, and a one time access code to help you register for Parent Portal.

Didn’t I already have an Aeries Parent Portal?

If you think so, you probably do.  Just log on with your password and make sure your information is accurate.

When will parents be set up on SchoolsPLP?

I do not have this information yet. I will let you know when I have more information.

Will La Ballona provide school supplies for each child? 

Yes. You will eventually receive all supplies you will need. In the meantime, if you want to take advantage of the Back to School sales, basic items such as pencils, erasers, paper, crayons, etc. are fine. Here is what you’ll eventually get from the school.during the week of  Week of August 24th or 31st: Textbooks or workbooks, Art Kit, Maker Space Kits, and Math Kits

What should I do if my child is out sick or has a doctor appointment during distance learning? Will children be marked tardy if they log in late?

Please notify the teacher when your child will be absent. The district is still waiting for guidance from the county and state on attendance protocols.. More information is coming.

How will grading work?

Grading will be similar to the practices before last Spring. Teachers will report grades based on standards.  Report Cards will be distributed at the end of each trimester.

For Dual immersion students, for each grade level, what percentage of time will the teacher deliver instruction in the target language during Synchronous time and during Asynchronous time? 

Dual Immersion teachers will try their best to follow their percentage model as much as possible during distance learning. (Kinder 90/10, 1st 80/20, 2nd 70/30, 3rd 60/40, 4th & 5th 50/50) 

How do the grab and go lunches work? 

Grab-n-Go Meals Served Daily.  One Breakfast and one lunch per student.   Elementary schools serving 11:45 am to 1:15pm.  CCMS & CCHS serving 1:00pm to 2:00pm.  Meals available Monday through Friday at ALL CCUSD schools. Must have student PIN number; student does not have to present. Times and locations subject to change depending on site participation. Meals are free.

How do I borrow a chromebook?

Please go to this website for help with this. Borrow a Chromebook

How much homework will children have during distance learning?

Technically, each student may have a certain number of minutes as outlined in the La Ballona Handbook.  On a practical level, however, we anticipate less homework due to the number of asynchronous tasks provided.

Can parents come to the office if they have questions/concerns, or are parents not allowed?

At this time, we are allowing visitors by appointment only. Please call the office to make an appointment. The office team is clarifying if we can have “walk in” hours. We will let you know.

Are there any language resources for non Spanish-speaking parents of children in the dual-language program to help our kids catch up with Spanish?

Yes. The district has purchased IStation, which provides daily interaction with Spanish.  Your classroom teachers can also provide you with more suggestions.

What if we are having connectivity issues?

This is to be expected from time to time. It happens to us all.  If you are having daily issues, please call the office or connect with the teacher.  One quick tip- turning off your video helps with connectivity.  The district also offers wi-fi hotspots. Need Wi-Fi Hotspot?

Are we required to set up a zoom account for each child?  

No. You’ll get the link from the teacher. You do need to download the app the first time.

Will there be any team teaching among the same grade level? Specifically, will teachers for each grade share lessons, assignments, worksheets, etc.? 

There is a ton of collaboration happening right now among teachers and across sites.

How do I get more information about La Ballona

  1. Our school website https://laballona.ccusd.org/
  2. Our PTA website https://laballonapta.org/
  3. Our facebook: https://www.facebook.com/laballonaelementary
  4. Twitter https://twitter.com/LaBallona
  5. Instagram  https://www.instagram.com/laballonaelementaryschool/

We are all on this journey together!  We are here for you! Just give us a call or email us!

Dr. Becky Godbey
Directora, La Ballona Elementary School