Lions’ Pride Fundraiser

The Lions’ Pride Fundraiser is one of our biggest annual fundraising events. Our school depends on the generous support of our community to help pay for everything from math supplies to murals.

Each and every donation is crucial to achieving our goal of meeting every need for every student.

This event is run entirely by La Ballona volunteers, which means every dollar raised supports La Ballona students.

The 2024 Lions’ Pride Jog-a-Thon will take place on Thursday, March 14, and with the support of our community, we aim to raise $45,000!

image from 2020 Lion's Pride Run

Classrooms can earn incentive prizes for collecting donations:

  • Classrooms who achieve 100% participation (meaning every student has collected at least one donation) will earn a pajama day
  • The classroom that raises the most number of donations will win a popcorn party
  • The classroom that raises the highest dollar amount in donations will win a pizza party

Lions’ Pride Jog-a-Thon – Thursday, March 14, 2024

Find your student's page

Each student has their own page where they can collect donations for this event.

Click the button then find each page listed under the student’s first name and last initial.

Sponsor a Classroom

You can sponsor an entire classroom for a minimum donation of $150 to ensure that the class earns a pajama party for 100% participation. One donor can give $150, or three donors can get together and give $50 each, or any other combination. The gifts must be made to the teacher’s page linked below in order to count as a class donation.

Click on your teacher's name below to sponsor a classroom

A minimum donation of $150 made to a teacher’s page earns each class a pajama day

Donations can be made for each minute your student runs OR as a flat donation.

Example 1: You can donate $1 for each minute Leo D. Lion runs. If he runs for 10 minutes, your donation is $10. If he runs for 30 minutes, your donation is $30.

Example 2: You can donate $50 to Leo’s page, no matter how many minutes he runs.

Any and all donations are greatly appreciated!

Getting Started

Each student will have a personal page they can use to collect donations. Parents, please check your email for a message from the La Ballona PTA. This email will contain a link to your student’s fundraising page and instructions for how to use it.

If you haven’t received our email, you can go to and find your student’s page on your own. Be sure to select the page that includes the name of your student’s teacher.

Your fundraising page makes it easy to share your page with family and friends using Facebook, Twitter and email, all at the touch of a button! When you click on the email button, you’ll see a new message with sample text you can use to solicit donations. You can also use the sample text below. ⇓

Sample Fundraising Letter

Dear friends and family,

On Thursday, March 14, I will join my classmates from La Ballona Elementary School for a special event: The Lions’ Pride Jog-a-Thon!

We are going to run as far as we can for 30 minutes to raise money for our school.

Will you consider sponsoring me in the Lions’ Pride Jog-a-Thon?

You can donate an amount for every minute I run OR you can make a single donation. The jog-a-thon will go for thirty (30) minutes, so if you donate $1 per minute and I run for the full half-hour, that would be a $30 donation.

La Ballona Elementary School relies on generous support from our community to pay for enrichment programs, field trips, and all kinds of other things that public funding doesn’t cover. Please consider making a donation in support of our school!

[Don’t forget to include the link to your personal fundraising page!]




Estimados amigos y familiares,

El jueves, 14 de marzo, me unire con mis colegas de la escuela elementaria La Ballona para un evento especial: ¡La Corrida de Leones!

Durante este jog-a-thon, vamos a correr tan largo como podamos por 30 minutos para recaudar fondos para nuestra escuela.

Le pido que considere patrocinar mi participación en la Corrida de Leones.

Se puede donar una cantidad por cada minuto que corro O donar una cantidad fija. El jog-a-thon va a durar treinta (30) minutos. Si me patrocina con $1 por minuto y corro por los 30 minutos, su donación sería $30.

La escuela elementaria La Ballona depende de las generosas contribuciones de nuestra comunidad para brindar programas de enriquecimiento, viajes de estudios, y muchas cosas más que los fondos del estado no cubren para nuestros alumnos. ¡Por favor considere donar para apoyar nuestra escuela!

[¡No se les olvide incluir en enlace para su página personal!]

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